Tuesday, November 03, 2009

what women want ..

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Life sure has a wicked sense of humour...indulge me ..;p

I started very early morning today,arrived early at work and found myself having to park my car outside the building.

When i started queuing, it was sharp at 8 am and usually the parking lot has around 50-80 available places .Just right when i'm about to enter the parking gate , it was the dreadfully FULL sign appeared and the bar did not raise and the facial expression of drivers behind me were showing they persist not to move ..so i found myself stuck in betwen the gate and the car behind me.Bumper to bumper !!!

Okay , life is teasing me ..

A 15 minutes or at most a half an hour wait turned out to be almost an hour . Fortunately, I have my wireless broadband ready,so i replied a few work emails thru my laptop and it was also a good show on the BFM radio.

The Managing Director of MacDonalds was being interviewed and he answered all the questions calmly with a bit of ascent that i can easily recognized . It feels like i do have friends at high places ;p

It's almost 9 am, quick like a bunny rabbit i ran to take the parking staircase to the serving lift. As i wait for the lift to the 15th floor,i was thinking of how am i going to showcase the wild ideas just popped up into my mind to our new management,the lift door opened and guess who came out ? The new supervisor and she was ready to enter an important meeting and there i was..about to enter the office at 9 pm . I do my cute face and smile sincerely ( i tried ..)

From Monday to Thursday this week, i managed to get into work before 8.15 and i never had the chance to meet anybody that is important to evaluate my performance and suddenly just one day...today..appeared in front of me when i least expected.

" Makan ikan tepi gaung , dalam hati macam nak meraung..gigil siot. huhu "

Then there was the result which i was hoping being released today were being postponed till further notice.

And tonight i might laugh until tears falling down my face.The laugh might be fake but the tears ...are real . huhu

On evening, a good long trusted friend bought me an ice-belended mocha at St.Francisco Coffee. We had this old teh tarik conversation ..the question remains , "Do you think now is the best time for you to sell your new brand Honda Civic and buy the latest model since you just got promoted ? " to which he replied "Nope, but i'm selling my newly bought house for a whopping 600k . "

Sincerely i wish to see him to be very successful because accordingly he will set and maintain the high standards for the rest of us as he has always been since high school.

I dream to be his campaign manager when he is running himself into politics one day ....counting that his dream is big enough.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The thrill of fulfillment to the calm state of Utopia ..

Rescuing the rescue plan ..Government spending vs Income . Ambo terpandang tajuk utama dalam Bloomberg awal pagi tadi sama seperti tajuk buku teks ekonomi masa ambo buat MBA .

Hmm,apakah nasibmu wahai presiden kulit hitam di negeri kulit putih ?

Dulu masa dio sibuk berkempen demo kata mustahil , x mungkin , mana boleh .. Sekarang dio dah presiden.

Sekarang masa dio sibuk melobi demokrat, demo kata dia cari nahas, xkan ada org ikut , x lama lah tu bailout plan tanpa ada tax cut kepada rakyat nok gi sejauh mana ? 80 billion nak selamatkan bank negara pastu bank dapat duit terus isytihar bonus kepada kakitangan .."It's the height of irresponsibility, it's shameful .."

Ambo layan sahaja ....sekurang-kurangnya hujah demo telahpun ada unsur intelek lepas tu skipping sikit-sikit.

Lalu tetiba demo tanya, ambo lagu mana ?

Ambo royat ,

To' guru ado pesan : Biar merendah diri , jangan berlagak pandai ..kalau dah betul-betul x tahu , sekurang-kurangnya jangan menipu ..Dok gitu ?

Demo sengih , lalu jawab ..bunyi gitarku lagi sedap daripada lollipop.

Ada kena mengena ke ?

Ambo layan sahaja ....

Thursday, January 22, 2009

let this man dance to the music that he hears ..

Being casual and following the trail does guarantee one's existence. However,being uncommon and unusual thru the eyes of many has its own price...

Am being bold with what i say for when a man's open his mouth ,he tells the whole world of who he is.. Am choosing who is surrounding me for those who are uncommon and unsual will find this man's perspective is common and usual ..Am not telling her that if only the judgement day is delayed ,will a new possibility emerge ?

Am getting older a day , better finish up the essay ..

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ooo..sungguh pelik perasaan ini..macam katak digilis tayar ..

Semalam lepas maghrib ambo tidur awal , dah 3-4 hari dok berambat kat taman.
Demo kata , badan sihat , otak cergas..

Terjaga jam 12 tgh malam ,ambo ingatkan mimpi..rupa-rupanya betul-betul.

Teringin rasa mau kongsi berita gembira,rupanya perkhabaran buruk yang ambo terimo dulu .
Sampai pagi tak dapat lelap mata weh , dalam hati rasa cam nak meraung , pujuk-pujuk diri , nanti awal-awal pagi boleh masuk opis . Paksa-paksa diri angkat besi tup-tup sampai pagi.

"makan ketupat tepi gaung,kalau x dapat rasa nak meraung "..gigil siooot ..

Kenyang tak kenyang , borang tetap diisi .

Ngantuk pulak dah petang-petang ni..Zzz..Nak jadi pengarah ....zzz..nak jadi pengarah..zzz.. nak jadi pengarah..zzz..

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Half an hour to go ..Still finding inspiration . The formal meeting with a few GM's is scheduled at 0230.

I have been a constant presentor ..

Keep reminding myself .

be assertive, be assertive , be assertive ..

Education is not just a privilege to the riches ..

Customer service is more to an art rather than science. It is not just about the facts and figures , it is also about how you convey the message ..